Ristorante Pizzeria Piazza

Welcome to the world of exceptional, exquisite and rich flavours of Italy, where we pamper even the most demanding gourmets with excellent soups, starters, main courses, pizzas and gourmet dishes, and in our offer you will also find superb wine, that best suits your taste.

Daily Lunches at Piazza

Today's Daily Lunch

Creamy fennel soup
2.40 €
Contains: lactose

Potato "goulash" with homemade bratwurst and cheese loaf from the bread oven
5.10 €

Turkey medallion “pommes - duchesse” potatoe with pesto and sun-dried tomato, salad
5.80 €
Contains: gluten, lactose

Salad with tuna – lettuce and radicchio with tuna, corn, paprika, beans, carrots and spicy dressing
5.10 €
Contains: fish

Cremee brulee on fire
2.20 €
Contains: gluten, egg, lactose

Tomorrow's Daily Lunch

Unfortunately, there is no daily lunch on selected day.